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Free meal for BD


Free meal for Bangladeshi People.

An actual novel and exclusive package started by Vhani Foundation is ‘Free Khaber’, which mentions to ‘food for a zero penny convert to BD taka’. Under this package hundreds of street dwelling children, beggars, elderly people and physically and mentally tested people droopy around streets or stations get their important need of regular meals in conversation of more than Zero taka. Currently ‘Free Khaber’ is the star project of Vhani Foundation. At present we are providing more than 100 packets of meal in 2 districts of Bangladesh. The Vhani Foundation policy is to charge zero penny to make sure that we are giving value for the grassroots pride. Paying the money allows them not to view themselves harmfully as mendicants. This project has been providing nutritional lifeline towards Bangladesh’s street children, beggars, and elderly people.

Free meal for BD

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