Vhani Foundation Org

100% donation policy

A single penny can 100% save a life

They feed the hungry, treat the sick and educate the child. It’s for this reason Vhani Foundation runs a 100% donations policy.

A 100% donations policy means every single penny donated is used strictly for charitable efforts. Donations go into a ‘charity-only’ bank account from which nothing is removed for fundraising or administration costs. Whether £1 or £100 therefore, every little helps!

Like any organisation Vhani Foundation has administration costs and overheads to meet. Funds to compensate full-time staff, pay utility bills and rents, cover accounting and legal costs, and fundraise, are all needed to help the charity function.

  • What ways Vhani Foundation do followthen cover its administration costs while adhering to a 100% donations policy?


The charity runs a separate ‘administration-only’ bank account. This account has its own sources of funding as detailed below

£350.00+ BACK INTO CHARITY! Vhani Foundation continues to transfer administration funds back into charity. Alhamdulillah, in the past year, an extra £350.00 has been transferred into the charity account, ensuring that even more of our brothers and sisters have been helped.